Ernest E. Just Youth and Community Services, Inc.

Areas of Operation

Areas of Operation

  1. Life Skills Instruction
  2. Academic Skill Building
  3. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Preparation
  4. Youth Mentoring
  5. Direct Community Services


Life Skills Instruction

EEJYCS provides a broad array of workshops that aid youth in connecting the dots between dreams and reality. Youth are provided exciting activities that help them navigate projected costs of living independently away from the care of their families. Reality checks are constantly utilized to help scholars manage the differences between lifestyles portrayed in Hollywood videos and movies and those they might aspire to through focused acquisition of work skills, talents, and professional training— including formal education.


Academic Skill Building

EEJYCS provides a wide range of educational support programs for students in elementary through high school. Many of these activities center around aiding children to improve reading comprehension, basic writing and critical thinking skills. Members of EEJYCS provide one on one and group tutoring to individual students and targeted classrooms. Effective use of school and public libraries is emphasized through visitations and explanation of library “filing” systems, types of equipment found in local libraries and how to access information via the Internet. Students and groups are informed of “free” academic support sites for reading and mathematics.

Students, parents, and guardians are provided an in-depth series of training modules to ensure they are aware of all steps necessary to become competitively eligible for the most prestigious college campuses in the nation as well as steps to ensure successful completion of more short-term vocational or career training opportunities. EEJYCS has also provided a number of culturally relevant book lists and book samples to “spark” students and their families to make “reading” an everyday part of their lives.


S.T.E.M. Preparation

Mathematics has been identified as the crucial building block for students seeking careers in Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Science fields. EEJYCS employs a system that draws upon local resources to aid scholars in accelerating acquisition of college preparatory math and science classes. Effective use of free mathematics diagnostics materials and tutoring focused on identifying and removing math weaknesses have been useful tools in ensuring that scholars complete accelerated classes offered by community colleges throughout the western United States. Students are typically provided a full year of middle and high school credit for successful completion of intensive six-week summer classes at the community college level.

Scholars in STEM programs operated by EEJYCS enjoy a series of presentations from professionals in STEM fields or careers; this interaction and dialogue allows students to formulate realistic goals and plans to achieve necessary levels of proficiency in foundation level classes for this field. College exploration trips are an integral part of EEJYCS program, but most important for students who decide to focus on these competitive majors and programs.


Youth Mentoring

EEJYCS has several decades of experience working with at-risk youth in urban centers of this country. Many of these programs bring youth to established locations and programs in the community, but a series of activities are annual projects and programs including single day youth leadership conferences and long-term group mentoring programs involving larger numbers of youth and male mentors.

These mentoring programs can vary in length and intensity, but all are built around the premise that men of EEJYCS must step forward and fill gaps where female head of households attempt to raise male children independent of their fathers. EEJYCS members demonstrate through contact with the young males, the type of behaviors, dress, speech, attitudes and the life that portray successful young men moving toward readiness to enter full manhood as responsible and involved adults.


Direct Community Service

EEJYCS seeks organizational partners to identify low-income, abused, foster or other individuals needy of group assistance to make significant changes in their communities, families or living groups. EEJYCS hosts a wide range of activities to bring information, services and goods to different communities to aid members to better basic living environments, health awareness options, nutrition, and general recreation opportunities. EEJYCS activities include local clean up activities, exploration into “green living” alternatives and careers, feeding the homeless, clean up of batter women shelters, hosting health awareness clinics, and bringing in professionals from social service agencies to explain and assist families in signing up for the various services.

Service is the watchword for EEJYCS individual and group members.